The World Has Changed

The Internet has fundamentally transformed the way people discover, share, connect, and shop.  79% of adults use the internet.  As this new research suggests, it’s time for your company to transform the way you connect and communicate with your customers – and maybe even more importantly, with potential customers.

Rather than do outbound marketing to the masses of people who are trying to block you out, you should be doing “inbound marketing” where you help yourself “get found” by people already learning about and shopping in your industry.  In order to do this, you need to set your website up like a “hub” for your industry that attracts visitors naturally through the search engines, through the blogosphere, and through the social media sites.

While the majority of companies spend most of their budget on old school outbound marketing, progressive companies have already flipped their ratios to spend most of their budget on inbound marketing.  According to HubSpot research, these companies are already seeing significant results:

  • Companies that blog get 55% more website visitors.
  • Inbound marketing costs 62% less per lead than traditional, outbound marketing.
  • 67% of B2C companies and 41% of B2B companies have acquired customers through FaceBook.
  • 57% of businesses have acquired customers through their company blog.
  • 42% of companies have acquired a customer through Twitter.
  • 2/3 of marketers report their company blog is “critical” or “important” to their business
  • The number of marketers who report that Facebook is “critical” or “important” to their business has increased to 83% in just two years.

What is really needed is a mindset shift from ‘telling and selling’ to ‘building relationships’.  Your prospects will reward your for it.  51% of Facebook fans are more likely to buy the brands they fan. Similarly 79% of Twitter followers are more likely to recommend the brands they follow.

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