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Social Media is the New Email

Remember a few years ago when email was the easy, quick and inexpensive way to advertise? Well, that was before spam filters, overzealous email marketing campaigns, having 100, 200, 300 or more emails in your in-box on a daily basis, or getting the same ad dribble form 10 different people?

Email just does not work like it used to. In fact, only 20 % of emails are even opened and read. Social Media and Texting is the way people communicate today.

People often search Social Media websites like Facebook, MySpace, Bing, etc., before they make a purchase. What are they searching for? Recommendations and/or complaints. They want to see what their friends and acquaintances say about a product, store, restaurant, etc.

Ever recommended a restaurant to a friend or co-worker? Sure you have. Ever told someone about a bad experience at a store? Happens all the time. Social media spreads the word out to hundreds of people quickly. So it is extremely important that you take charge and manage your Social Media Reputation. Today, it can make or break your business.

Social Medai, Video Marketing, Brand Recognition, Website SEO and Keyword Search, etc., all work together to form the New Media set of tools.


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