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New Media  is Already Making an Impact

When you combine Traditional Media with the interactive power of the Computer and the Smart Phone, the field of Communication Technology can do some amazing things. Here is a recent article from a local paper:

Houston Chronicle, Houston TX  7-4-11

Keys might seem Outdated in just a few years


One day, losing your keys may be no biggie
New software for smartphones is opening doors


SAN FRANCISCO — Front pockets and purses are slowly being emptied of one of civilization’s most basic and enduring tools: the key. It’s being swallowed by the cellphone. New technology lets smartphones unlock hotel, office and house doors and open garages and even car doors.

The phone simply sends a signal through the Internet and a converter box to a deadbolt or door knob. Other systems use internal company networks, like General Motors’ OnStar system, to unlock car doors.

Schlage, a major lock maker, markets a system that lets homeowners use their mobile phones to unlock their doors from miles away and manage their home heating and air-conditioning, lights and security cameras. Customers buy locks that are controlled by wireless radio signals sent from an Internet-connected box in their home.


The fail-safe factor

In October, General Motors introduced an app that lets owners of most 2011 GM models lock and unlock the doors and start the engine remotely. It allows car owners to warm up the engine on a frigid day or fire up the air-conditioning on a hot one from the comfort of their office cubicle, said Timothy Nixon, who oversees “infotainment” for GM.

But having a phone double for entry or ignition does not yet feel fail-safe. “You don’t want a dead phone battery and discover you can’t go anywhere,” Nixon said. And it’s unlikely you’d hide a spare phone under a rock or in the bushes. (Though a homeowner may want to stash a physical house key outside in case the home Internet connection goes down.)


NFC technology

Another sticking point is that the technology remains fairly cumbersome by requiring users to push buttons on their phone to establish a connection with a system in the car or house. But mobile phone industry analysts say that process will get easier with the emergence of a technology called near field communications, or NFC. It allows a phone to be waved like a magnetic card near a device that can capture the signal and click open a door.

NFC is now in only a handful of phones, but manufacturers should ship around 550 million NFC phones in 2015. Many in the mobile phone industry said keys might seem outdated in just a few years.

By: By MATT RICHTEL and VERNE G. KOPYTOFF, NEW YORK TIMES, edited by Lisa Monroe, Sugar Land Press

In Europe, Japan and other countries, smart phones have already replaced the checkbook, paper money and credit cards. All a person needs to do to make a purchase is to have the merchant scan the screen on their smart phone, similarly to what we do with now with our bank and debit cards. The process of paying with our smart phones is coming to the US now.

Smart Phones are also being used for coupons, searches for customer comments about your business, product price comparisons, social meet-ups, etc. With over 51 million Smart Phone users in the US right now, New Media combined with Smart Phone Technology is a winning combination. Just ask PopBiz!


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