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You Lose 10% of your Customer Base each year

Every year, 10% of your customers either move away, die, or otherwise stop shopping at your establishment. What happens if you don’t aggressively market to replace these customers? In a few years, you will be out of business.

It is critical for your business success for you to bring new customers in the front door, not only to replace the 10% you lose, but to build your business. Every business has slow and busy periods. Friday, Saturday and Sunday are usually prime retail sales days, regardless of the business you are in.

Wouldn’t it be nice to get new customers in your business during the slow times? You betcha! With New media distribution methods, you can put out a proven marketing technique that is guaranteed to bring new customers in the door. What Media? What Campaign? Guaranteed?

One example is Coupons! Who doesn’t like coupons? If you have ever run a successful coupon with Valpak, Groupon, PennySaver, etc, why not run the same special. But this time, use a text message to Smart Phone users. And, to take it a step further, why not tie the special to a specific time frame, say the time when you wait staff is just standing around counting the cars in the parking lot.

If you text the coupon or special, you get customers instantly, not 2 or 3 weeks later. And because text clicks are so cheap right now, some as little as 2¢ a click, your campaign is not only more effective, but it costs less than the traditional methods you have used before.

If you are a restaurant, offer a Buy one/Get one free special and throw in a free appetizer if the person comes in between 4pm and 9pm on a Tuesday. If you are a retail store, why not offer a half price special on something you are overstocked in, or a slow moving item. It could be a Wednesday Night 2 Hour Special from 6pm to 8pm only.

You get the idea.

Getting New Customers is what we do best. Give PopBiz a call and let us show you how.


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