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Why Mobile is So Important for Your Business

Globally, there are 5 Billion Cell Phone users versus 1.8 Billion Internet Users. So the Mobile Market is 3 times larger than the Internet Market.

In July 2011, Google reported that for the first time ever, internet search  traffic from smart phones exceeded internet traffic from computers.

There are 51 million Smart Phone users. 49% of Smart Phone users send more text messages than making phone calls. 73% of new Mobile Phone purchasers report that text messaging is the most important feature they are looking for on their new smart phone.

Generation X & Y consider email passé. And some universities have even stopped issuing email accounts to their students.

Because business texting is a new and emerging media, you can buy traffic for as little as 2 ¢ a click.

Your cell phone will be your next wallet.


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