Explore the World of Mobile Marketing

As smartphones become an integral part of users’ daily lives, consumers use smart phones and other hand-held devices as an extension of their desktop computers, and use it as they multi-task and use other media, the success and helpfulness of mobile marketing grows as well.

Mobile marketing is a promotional activity designed for delivery to cellular phones and other handheld devices, usually as a component of a multimedia campaign. Other mobile marketing is similar to advertising delivered over other electronic means such as text, graphic and voice messages. Messaging via SMS is currently the most common delivery means for mobile marketing. Search engine marketing comes next, followed by display-based campaigns.

So why is it so important for marketers to consider a Mobile Marketing strategy?

Mobile Marketing puts the power of your message and advertising directly in the hands of your target audience. Mobile marketing is designed to help you give your mobile audience the things they are looking for through their own mobile device. The devices, the technology and even the strategies are not as important as a full understanding of how your target audience wants to be involved.

• 80% of mobile device users don’t leave home without their device.
• Study shows 25 % prefer web browsing through mobile phones
• By the year 2014, more people will conduct internet searches on a handheld device than on a PC.

The convenience provided by these devices to the consumers as they are now able to locate places, get information on things, receive offers and promotions, make contributions and donations to organizations and charities while on the go, automatically gives you the advantage of being there when they are looking.

Mobile marketing reaches consumers through different channels; one channel as mentioned above is what we call SMS (Short Message Service) Marketing. This is where businesses collect mobile phone numbers and send messages, may it be wanted or unwanted. Mobile marketing via SMS has expanded rapidly in Europe and Asia. However, SMS marketing has received negative media coverage for being a new form of spam as many advertisers purchased lists and sent unsolicited content to these random mobile numbers.

Another means of mobile marketing is through MMS. These messages may contain slideshows of images, text, audio and video which is delivered via MMS (Multimedia Message Service). These are sent to nearly all new phones with a colored screen are capable of sending and receiving standard MMS messages.

With the rapid widespread use of smartphones, marketing on online web pages which are purposely made for mobile access is now a marketing option as well. The Mobile Marketing Association or MMA supplies ground rules and standard specifications that provide suggested layout of ads, presentation and metrics used in reporting. Other leading mobile content providers like Google, Yahoo and Bing have been vending advertising spaces on their websites for many years already. These networks focus their advertisements on mobile properties, SMS advertisers and resellers are also available. Moreover, web forms can also be utilized to incorporate with mobile texting sources for reminders on assemblies, seminars and other important proceedings that suppose users and clients are not at their computers at all times.

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Explore the World of Mobile Marketing
Mobile marketing is a promotional activity designed for delivery to cellular phones and other handheld devices, usually as a component of a multimedia campaign.
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