Click and Mortar Businesses Strategy

A business model wherein a company merges both offline and online presences is called as click and mortar, or otherwise called as clicks and bricks. A well-known example of a click and mortar model is when a store enables the customer to order their products either online or in person in one of their stores, also letting them to either pick up their order straight at the local branch of the store or have it delivered to their home address. There are many rotating combos of this model.

The click and mortar model has often been used by established retailers who have consummate management and supply chains, but are commonly known and frequently respected for their usual physical stores. Further reason for its accomplishment is that it is much easier for an established retailer to create an online existence than it is for a new starting company to employ an accomplished online one.

Though the predominant factor in the accomplishment or failure of the click and mortar business model is in the hands of costs, as usually keeping up a physical store, paying for many physical store premises and staffing, needs larger capital expenses which online only businesses do not often have. Some business sectors may work well much better to a bricks and clicks model compared to others. A business selling more luxurious, usually expensive, or only occasionally purchased products, for example cars, may see that sales are more handled in person, because of the more considered nature of the purchasing decision, but they may still give out online product information online.

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